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Freelance tan

sunny_beachIt is ridiculously hot in the Netherlands at the moment. Tropical and we don’t know what do with ourselves when we don’t eat or drink outside.

So, during lunch with three lovely office ladies today, we fought over the seat that had the most shadow. Only one woman wanted to sit in the sun. “I can’t get enough of this heat!” she said, “I want a proper tan this year!” She was doing well, but then they looked at me. I’ve never been this sunny looking in my working life, being outside for hours every day with Dog. “Freelance tan,” we decided. Face, arms and chest all look as though they were at the beach every day. Everything else is a solid English white.

I pointed to a lady having lunch at the next table. “Freelance tan too”. ┬áThe office girls disagreed as one. The lady was smoothly tanned from head to feet (as far as we could tell, of course). “That’s a rich husband tan”. Noted.